Here’s what the press is saying after taking an early look at Rise of Venice:

“It’s a sign of dedication and craft to the world of Venice, with a focus and time period that aren’t often seen in games….”

“…the trading interface has been streamlined…”
Toronto Thumbs

“Rise of Venice seems like a game I will be able to recommend to someone who has never played a trade management title before; they’ll pick it up quickly.”

“Gaming Minds’ latest trading simulation looks to further the genre, while providing accessibility to a whole new generation of gamers. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic game that I’m excited to get my hands on.”
Gaming Excellence

“I am nothing but impressed with the depth of gameplay shown to me for Rise of Venice”

“…Rise of Venice is looking to be a very slick and clean looking strategy game that will cater to all levels of experienced gamers.”
Gaming Nexus

“…this game is right up my alley …”

“Perfecting Trade Simulation in 15th Century Venice”
The Gamer Access

“Rise of Venice could be 2013’s biggest surprise for sim and strategy fans”
– PC Gamer