Rise of Venice: Gold Edition Available Now Via Digital Distribution

Kalypso Media is pleased to announce that the award-winning trading strategy game Rise of Venice is now available to purchase via digital distribution as a comprehensive Gold Edition that includes all previously released additional content. Establish yourself as one of the most powerful traders of Renaissance Venice in the main game and then expand your empire as far as Gibraltar in the major add-on ‘Beyond The Sea’. Plus, the Gold Edition also includes both the ‘Steamship’ and ‘Sea Monsters’ DLC. A retail boxed version will be available to purchase from 22nd August 2014.

Rise of Venice – Gold Edition challenges players to rise up through the ranks of Venetian society by crafting their own trading empire. Remove political opponents, apply merchant savvy and trade your way to becoming one of the most influential figures of the Renaissance. Check out the brand new trailer for Rise of Venice – Gold Edition below for a look at how to begin your journey on the path to riches.

View the brand trailer for Rise of Venice – Gold Edition

‘Beyond the Sea’ Now Available to Purchase

Kalypso Media invite you to set sail once again and explore distant lands in search of lucrative new trading opportunities for Renaissance-era Venice. Trade in goods, battle enemy navies and craft a political empire through means both overt and subversive in ‘Beyond the Sea’, the comprehensive expansion for economic simulator, Rise of Venice. ‘Beyond the Sea’ is now available to download for Windows PC via digital distribution priced at £14.99/ €19.99/$19.99.

Prepare for your voyage by watching the new gameplay trailer for ‘Beyond the Sea’ – which takes you on a journey through some of the new cities you will visit on your path to wealth and power.


‘Beyond the Sea’ Add-on Announced for Rise of Venice

Stock a crate of your finest Chianti vintage on board your vessel and prepare to set sail once again. ‘Beyond The Sea’, the first major add-on for the acclaimed economy simulator Rise of Venice, is about to take you to distant new lands in which to trade luxurious goods and exert your influence in. From Marseilles to Lisbon, the add-on provides players with a whole new challenge by expanding the game world with 13 cities to explore and trade with.

Also included are all new residence missions and challenging new Doge tasks, which will see your family playing a more significant role in your position and plans. ‘Beyond The Sea’ also allows players to command a completely new class of ship – the NAO: the famous ship type in which Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.

‘Beyond The Sea’ will be available to download for Windows PC from Steam and other digital portals on the 21st of November for £14.99/ €19.99/$19.99.

Features of ‘Beyond The Sea’:
  • 13 new cities from Marseilles to Lisbon expand the game world by 50%
  • Residence missions: family members contact the player with tasks to earn special benefits
  • Doge tasks challenge even the most experienced players. Can you triumph in trade war with Venice’s archenemy Genoa and its allies?
  • New ship type: command the famous NAO ship class
  • Numerous improvements and optimizations based on Rise of Venice player feedback

Set Sail for Battle – Naval Combat Walkthrough Trailer Available Now

Kalypso Media is pleased to release a new walkthrough trailer for Rise of Venice, their recently released trading/political simulation set in Renaissance-era Venice. This new trailer showcases exciting ship-to-ship combat and gives viewers a look at how to equip their vessels for battle, and choose the best weapons for destroying opposing trade ships and pesky pirates.

Rise of Venice is available to purchase now on Windows PC via retail and digital portals.

View it on YouTube here

Rise of Venice Launches Today. New Gameplay Launch Trailer Sets the Scene

Kalypso Media is pleased to announce the release of Rise of Venice, their new strategy trading game for Windows PC today. Rise of Venice challenges players to sail the seas surrounding Renaissance-era Venice, trading in goods, battling enemy navies and crafting a political empire through means both overt and subversive. To give you a flavour of what to expect once you set sail in Rise of Venice, Kalypso have also released a launch trailer showcasing new gameplay from the game. Rise of Venice is available to purchase on Windows PC via retail and digital portals.

  • View the Rise of Venice launch trailer on YouTube here

Upcoming Kalypso Title Rise of Venice Goes Gold

Kalypso Media is pleased to announce that Rise of Venice, its trading/political simulation game for Windows PC, has gone gold. Rise of Venice puts players in charge of a burgeoning Renaissance-era trading and political empire and will be released on the 27th of September for PC, Steam and other digital portals.

Rise of Venice Gamescom Trailer Available

Kalypso Media is pleased to release a new trailer for Rise of Venice, its upcoming game that combines political intrigue with high-seas merchant simulation. The trailer showcases the political machinations of the game world, where it’s more than just about making money, but also about “who you know”.” In Rise of Venice, you will be challenged to sail the seas of a lush 3D world, trading goods, while also working to earn the votes of the “Council of 10″, a group that can make or break your political career.


‘Rise of Venice’ – Coming for Windows PC in Q3 2013

Kalypso Media today unveiled its latest strategy/trading simulation, Rise of Venice, for Windows PC. Rise of Venice drops players in the Renaissance era, where they start out as a young merchant, looking to make his mark and build a trading empire. Begin with a meager group of trading ships and build them into a mercantile fleet that will make your enemies and friends alike green with jealousy as you fill your coffers with gold! Rise of Venice is much more than trading, however, as Renaissance Europe was filled with treachery and political machinations of all sorts – which you must take part in if you plan to succeed!

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